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Anamaria Robles, M.D.

Anamaria Robles, M.D.

Resident (PGY-4)
General Surgery

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  • University of California, Berkeley, B.A., Integrative Biology, 2007
  • University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, M.D., 2013
  • University of California, San Francisco, General Surgery Residency, 2013 -
  • General Surgery
  • Trauma & Critical Care
  • Critical Care
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Violence & Injury Prevention

Anamaria Robles, M.D. is a general surgery resident at UCSF and is currently spending two years as a research fellow pursuing clinical outcomes projects. Dr. Robles has a B.A. in integrative biology from UC Berkeley and received her M.D. from University of California, San Francisco in 2013. She currently working at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center on clinical outcomes in trauma surgery and violence prevention.

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  2. Fong, E.; Newaskar, M.; Sugimura, L.; Kaley, D.; Robles, A.J., Hardy, K.A.(October 2008). "Topical Quarterly Questionnaires for Knowledge Assessment in CF Families";. Pediatric Pulmonology Suppl 43 (S31): 462. Poster presentation abstract; North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2008.

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