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Placement of General Surgery Residents

Class of 2017

Fellowship or Appointment

Ayman Ahmed, MBBS

Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Cleveland Clinic

Tasce Bongiovanni, MD

Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, UCSF

Jessica Cohan, MD

Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, Lahey Clinic

James Gardner, MD, PhD

Transplant Non-ACGME Fellowship, UCSF

Mark Greyson, MD

Plastic Surgery, Harvard-Mass General

Benjamin Howard, MD, MPH

Private Practice, Santa Barbara, CA

Carlie Thompson, MD

 Breast Surgery Fellowship, Cedars-Sinai

 Class of 2016

Fellowship or Appointment

Emily Huang, M.D., MPH

Clinical instructor in GS (2016), Univ Chicago, Colorectal Surgery

Cerine Jeanty, MD

Private Practice, St. Mary's & St. Francis, San Francisco, CA

Lucy Kornblith, MD

Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, UCSF

Rebecca Maine, MD, MPH

University of Washington, Surgical Critical Care Fellowship

Carolyn Seib, MD, MAS

Endocrine Surgery Non-ACGME Fellowship, UCSF

Syed Shareef, MBChB, MRCS

Transplant Non-ACGME Fellowship, UCSF

Joy Walker, MD

 Vascular Surgery Fellowship, UCSF

 Class of 2015

Fellowship or Appointment

Jessica Beard, M.D.

Trauma & Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, University of Pennsylvania

Jack Harbell, M.D.

Transplant Surgery Fellowship, UCSF

Sandhya Kumar, M.D.

Clinical Instructor, General Surgery, UCSF

Lawrence Oresanya, M.D.

Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Temple University

Amanda Sammann, M.D.

Surgical Critical Care, Oregon Health & Science University

Eveline Shue, M.D.

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Cathy Tang, M.D.

Plastic Surgery Fellowship, UCLA

 Class of 2014

Fellowship or Appointment

Jane Alston, M.D.

General Surgery Fellowship, United States Airforce

Ian Brown, M.D., Ph.D.

Trauma Surgery Fellowship, UC Davis

Matthew Kutcher, M.D.

Trauma Surgery Fellowship, University of Pittsburgh

Kenneth Loh, M.D.

Colorectal Surgery Fellowship, University of Minnesota

Natalie Lui, M.D., M.A.S.

Thoracic Surgery Fellowship, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Amar Nijagal, M.D.

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Boston's Children Hospital

Sara Runge, M.D.

Vascular Surgery Fellowship, University of Florida

Natalie Seiser M.D., Ph.D.

Endocrine Surgery Fellowship, UCSF

 Class of 2013

Fellowship or Appointment

Aaron J. Ahearn, M.D., Ph.D.

Transplant Surgery Fellowship, UCSF

Farzad Alemi, M.D.

Hepatobiliary Surgery Fellowship, Virginia Mason MC, Seattle, WA

Eric Jelen, M.D.

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Children's National, Washington DC

Carter Lebares, M.D.     

Clinical Instructor, GI Acute Care Surgery, UCSF

Susan Lee Char, MD

Breast Surgery Preceptorship, CPMC

Sierra Matula, M.D.

Endocrine Surgery Fellowship, UCSF

Rita Mukhtar, M.D.

Breast Surgery Fellowship, UCSF


Brown, Lisa                Cardiothoracic Surgery Fellowship, Washington University
Guevara, Salvador     Colon & Rectal Surgery Fellowship, University of Minnesota
Nicksa, Grace            Pediatric Surgery Fellowship,  Children's Hospital of Michigan
Parekh, Justin            Transplant Surgery Fellowship, UCSF
Pelayo, Juan Carlos   Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, University of Chicago
Roll, Garrett               Transplant Surgery Fellowship, UCSF
Wang, Sam                Surgical Oncology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan Kettering, NY


Ayzengart, Alex        General/Trauma Surgeon, U.S. Navy Hospital in Yokosuka, Japan
Jancelewicz, Tim       Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, University of Toronto
Jayaraman, Sudha     Trauma/Acute Care Fellowship, Brigham & Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
Lu, Jong Ping            General Surgeon, Attending at Kaiser in Santa Clara, CA
Suh, Insoo                Biodesign, Stanford University
Tseng, William          Surgical Oncology Fellowship, MD Anderson, TX


Chang, Jen            General Surgeon                     
Chang, Tammy       Laparoscopic fellowship, UCSF
Gasper, Warren      Vascular Surgery Fellowship, UCSF
Jamshidi, Ramin     Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
Padilla, Ben           Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Vartanian, Shant    Vascular Surgery Fellowship, UCSF
Vu, Lan                 Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Texas Children's Hospital (Baylor)
Wall, James          Lap & Foregut Fellowship, University of Strasbourg, France
                            Pediatric Fellowship, Stanford Children's Hospital 7/1/2011


Jaigirdar, Adnan     General/Trauma Surgeon, US Navy (San Diego, CA)
Kim, Jae               Cardiothoracic Fellowship, MD Anderson - Univ Texas (Houston, TX)
Raz, Dan              Thoracic Fellowship, Massachusetts General (Boston, MA)
Sweet, Matthew    Vascular Surgery Fellowship, Dartmouth
Vali, Kaveh           Pediatric Surgery Fellowship, Sainte-Justine Children's Hospital - University of Montreal -
Wang, Jennifer      Colorectal Fellowship, Mayo Clinic (Rochester, Minnesota)